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Gregory S. Hayes has 20 years of experience in enterprise IT, specializing in OpenStack, Linux, and Open Source. Currently he a Lead Cloud Architect with McGraw-Hill Education, principally working on next-generation enterprise cloud initiatives. Previously he served at Red Hat as a Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Architect working with a number of strategic enterprise accounts to enable cloud transformation, workload migration, and cloud governance. Prior to joining Red Hat, he also served as a Senior Cloud Architect for Hewlett-Packard. Gregory has led the way in these organizations with regard to cloud enablement and infrastructure automation. He has been involved in the OpenSource community since 1995, and considers himself an evangelist for the next generation of cloud technologies based on OpenStack.

Understanding The Innovation Lifecycle

Information technology is a rapidly moving space, and understanding the innovation lifecycle is critical to making sound business decisions. Whether you are a creator or consumer, knowing how your products, technologies, approach, and methods line up with the evolving marketplace … Continue reading

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How OpenStack Is Changing The Enterprise

It may be cliché these days, but I should point out that obviously nothing I express here represents the views of my current or former employers. I’m extremely grateful to them, and proud that I had, and continue to have, … Continue reading

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Running Windows 7 guests on OpenStack Icehouse

VDI is a great way to enable end-users to take their corporate desktop with them on any device, anywhere in the world. Implemented correctly, it is also a great money saver for enterprises. However, to make this real, you will … Continue reading

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OpenStack Icehouse Feature Review

I’ve been playing with devstack over the past few months, and I’ve been really impressed with the progress on Icehouse leading up to its release last week. There are some key new features, and updates, which I will touch on … Continue reading

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Installing OpenStack Icehouse On RHEL 7

The public “release candidate” of RHEL 7 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) came out yesterday, and I decided to take a shot at installing the latest OpenStack RDO on it. The install was smooth, and surprisingly easy. To try it out … Continue reading

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Fedora: Encrypting Your Home Directory

There are a number of steps for encrypting your home directory in Fedora, and enabling system applications like GDM to decrypt your files on login. I’ll walk through the process of how I got this set up on my own … Continue reading

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The next generation of consoles is almost upon us. Before we save up for that glorious new $500 gaming experience, it’s a good idea to understand just what we are paying for. A big part of the next generation is Cloud … Continue reading

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