I have made contributed to numerous OpenSource initiatives such as: Gnome, JBoss, KDE, Nautilus, RipperX, soundtracker, Sendmail, WindowMaker, and many other projects.

My personal projects include:

  • Voodoo Tracker: VoodooTracker is an ultramodern “FastTracker 2 style” music sequencer
  • GnomeRSVP: GnomeRSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Presentation) is a Linux speed-reading app
  • MindFire: MindFire is an eBook reader which utilizes RSVP for speed-reading.
  • dockerfiles
    • syncomm/spotify – A docker container to enable Spotify on all Linux distributions
    • syncomm/netflix – A docker container to enable a Netflix player on Linux.
  • heat-templates
  • openstack-scripts
    • openstack-inspect-guests – A tool to ssh-mount remote compute nodes and extract guest information from running and stopped instances

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